Apostille Service Provides Authentications or Certifications in Los Angeles

Apostillas Los Angeles have friendly and professional staff who can guide you through the process of certifying your documentation appropriately without the complicated and confusing government agencies. We will process your document Apostilles or Authentications expedited service through the Secretary of State.

In short, an Apostille is intended for use outside the United States recognizes that the signature of a document by a public official. Apostille is a witness to the authenticity of the actual contents of the document, but the document and the authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the official acted authority. In essence, the identity of an Apostille signed certifying authorities in order to ensure integrity and his identity as an extra precautionary step that is taken.

For example, you have in your possession a document, use transaction signing an international document that has been issued a power of attorney for your company, would like. Apostille in order to get this particular document, you first signatory, to verify your identity, an official notarial certificate and stamp the document published by the State Secretary of the seal of a notary public who want to seek out. After completing this step, you recognize the signature of the clerk or recorder to the secretary of state in order to submit the certified document. When all of these conditions are met, the Secretary of State a legitimate Apostille to your original document, thereby legalizing it for use abroad must affix. Again, Apostille content of the document certifying his or her identity, but the authorities would not recognize the integrity and identity of the signatory.

If you want to obtain an apostille in Los Angeles CA on your own, you will need to contact the office of the California Secretary of State and ask what steps are required for the particular document you have in your hand. This process can take a long time waiting. It will also spend time on the phone and employees will inform you of the steps you must take in order to complete the process successfully. The requirements vary according to the document. Once you have discerned what steps you need to take, you will spend most of the next day and compliance with them. As long as you follow the steps correctly, you can, however, be done. It will simply take time and effort on your part. Whether you have the time or not is up to you.

Customers requiring authentication of any school records (e.g., transcript or diploma) must obtain a notarized copy of the record from the high school, university, etc., before submitting the documents for authentication.

Any document executed by County Health Officers and County Local Registrars can be authenticated only if the document is first certified by the county clerk/recorder.

Note: Our offices are located in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

Any document executed by County Health Officers and County Local Registrars can be authenticated only if the document is first certified by the county clerk/recorder.

To avoid delays that may result from out-of-date documents, a document certified by a county official (e.g. county clerk) should have a certification date within the last five years or a new certified copy should be obtained from the appropriate county official.

The customer must identify the country of destination when the documents are submitted. If documents are submitted by mail to our office, the Authentication Request Form must specify or identifying the country of destination and must accompany the documents. To facilitate the processing of documents submitted by mail, please include a self-addressed envelope.